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On September 30th, 2019, the BBYC club house lower level was accidentally flooded with raw sewage due to a high pressure event while Halifax Water was working on the lines running through our property.  For those that don't know, Halifax Water has a right-of-way access to the area over by the Learn To Sail buildings as this is a major collection point and pumping station over to the treatment plant in Mill Cove.  Unfortunately, being contaminated by raw sewage and being a public area with food services, almost all items that were touched must be discarded.

All content from the lower level was inventoried, cataloged and removed by First On-Site Services.  Anything that we were allowed to keep has been placed in storage.  All the affected flooring, walls and ceiling have been stripped and the whole area has been cleaned.  The final step was to dry out the club using high heat over 2 x 72hr periods.  That was completed late last week so now it is time to rebuild.

The purpose of this web page is to keep the BBYC membership informed of our rebuild progress and to give all members a chance to have their say during the process.  Past commodore Dave Hackett has been asked to chair the restoration subcommittee and a new email address has been set up for everyone to send in their comments, questions and suggestions.  Also, if you are interested in joining the subcommittee, please let us know right away.  The email address is reno2019@bbyc.ca.  

We understand that having an opportunity to start from a blank slate can be exciting and lots of great ideas will be generated, but please also understand that our insurance only covers us to rebuild what we had before.  We have the opportunity to pick new flooring, colors, appliances and furniture, but doing anything major like moving walls and putting in new features would be at our own cost.

So with that, lets get started.  I will attempt to use the next section as a chronological event notification as things unfold.


We are in the process of collecting and organizing quotes from various trades to fix up the pre existing conditions within the club. Most prdvalent of course is the rot around the window and doors on the SW wall. Craig Sooley will head up the task force to consolidate the quotes and report back to the committee.

Still no dollar value provided by the insurance company or its contractor on what it's going to cost to repair the club.


We met with the insurance adjuster Rob and the OnSide restoration companies project manager, also Rob. Did a walk through of the club with about 12 board and committee members in attendance. We talked about our insurance options and what we were covered for. We do have Upgrade To Code coverage so if things need to change due to code changes then we should be Ok.

Our major concern is the rot in the SW wall under the porthole window and around the door. We can get all of this repaired and then let the insurance contractor do the rest or take a buy out and look after everything ourselves. At this time, we are leaning toward the first option as the buyout could be substantially less.

Meanwhile, Richard O'Brian has offered to head up the valuation of the items that where disposed of. This means going out to find replacement costs for equivalent items. David Clark has provided a commercial catalog used by Atlantica Hotels for this purpose.


As with any reno project of an older building, there are bound to be issues that that have nothing to do with the original problem but must be dealt with before construction can begin.  At this time, 3 issues have been identified;

    1. there is rot in the outer wall around the men's bathroom due to a roof leak
    2. there is rot in the outer wall around the bottom of the stairs due to an ant infestation
    3. there is a hole in the floor under the dishwasher at the bar that needs to be closed up to meet building codes.

Some additional questions have also been raised that need to be addressed before we can move forward:

    • Do we need to upgrade the electric panel to current standards?
    • Do we need to upgrade the plumbing to current standards?
    • Are we required to upgrade the bathrooms to meet handicap accessibility requirements?

All of which are the right thing to do but we need to understand the cost implications.  Now that the club house is clean and dry, the next step is to meet with the First On-Site general contractor and the insurance adjuster to discuss.  We hope that will be arranged within the next few days.

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